Sarah Park

Sarah Park is like Sam Shin - except that Sarah Park might be fake.

Maybe she's fake nice to you, like when she was going to ignore you on the subway until you said hi - and then she said she would totally reach out for a get-together. Maybe she's faking it at work, never quite getting that spreadsheet done, never sending that report on time, closing tabs when anyone walks in. Sometimes she thinks she fakes her passions, her art history major culminating in an endless internship at a fine art gallery, her vacations always assiduously recorded in pics and emojis, like debate points against repetition and ambivalence.

Maybe she's a fake human, just like all her fake friends and followers. But the advertisers and phishing accounts she follows online are the only "people" she feels safe revealing her deepest, quietest torments to - unless she's faking that too. 

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